Painful Sex Treatment

Painful Sex Treatments

Many women are hesitant or shy to discuss their concerns about painful sex with their doctor. Dr. Amy Kesselman is a warm and compassionate gynecologist with an interest in helping women have painless sex.

Dr. Kesselman encourages her patients to discuss any concerns that they may have about intimacy issues. She gives you the opportunity to open up and discuss your most intimate and private concerns in a professional, nonjudgmental and empathetic manner.

There are a variety of treatments that are available to help women have painless sex.

The medical term for painful sex is dyspareunia and it can affect women in a variety of stages of her life.  The pain can be attributed to a variety of causes.

Examples of concerns that women may have and should prompt a gynecologic consultation:

  • My vagina feels dry kind of like sandpaper and sex hurts
  • My vagina burns after sex
  • Penetration is very difficult and painful
  • I have pain when he is deep inside me
  • I have throbbing pain for many hours after we have sex
  • I am nursing and have not been able to have sex since I delivered my baby
  • I am going through my menopausal changes and sex is very uncomfortable.

There are many reasons why you can experience painful sex: 

  • Becoming Sexually Active Young women who are contemplating becoming sexually active for the first time and may be anxious or concerned about their anatomy or what to expect can come in to discuss their concerns with Dr. Kesselman.  There are ways to make sex more comfortable even the first time.
  • Post-Delivery After Childbearing women who have had difficult vaginal births or are breastfeeding and feel pain during sex can come in to be evaluated and treated to decrease their pain.
  • Menopause As women get older and approach the menopause or women who are in their 60’s and 70’s and are interested in becoming sexually active again after divorce or loss of a spouse may notice that their vaginal tissue is dry and that they are experiencing painful sex.  It is important to be able to continue a healthy and pain free sex life rather than experiencing pain or resorting to abstinence.
  • Surgery/Illness There are many women who have had to undergo surgery and possible radiation and or Chemotherapy or are taking medications that have a significant side effect of vaginal dryness.  It is important to be aware that there are ways to safely help reduce painful sex.

Often times avoiding or ignoring issues of painful sex can lead to a strained relationship with your partner.  Please seek medical attention and make an appointment to discuss your concerns. 

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